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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cakap cakap….Chandra Muzzafar

Former PKR deputy president Dr Chandra Muzaffar lashed out against critics who targeted the men behind a sex video allegedly featuring opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with a prostitute.
Joining the fray on the sex video scandal, Chandra said it was the wrongdoer and not those who exposed the wrongdoing that should be targeted.??The former PKR deputy president said he was disappointed with some quarters whose focus had gone astray.
“It is not the individuals who expose the wrongdoing who should be our target, but the wrongdoer himself and his wrongdoing,” said Chandra, who was once a staunch Anwar ally, told the New Sunday Times yesterday.

Using an analogy of corruption as an example, Chandra said people should condemn the person who committed the act rather than those who exposed the act.??”Why should we be so obsessed with those who wash dirty linen in public when actually we should be chastising those who dirty the linen in the first instance?” ??Chandra, who is now a social activist and an academician, also gave his support for the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to determine the identity of the man in the video despite objections from Anwar’s family and supporters.
Steadyaku47 comment:
There is nothing like a women scorned but even a women scorned is no match for a Chandra Muzaffar scorned ………Chandra says ?”It is not the individuals who expose the wrongdoing who should be our target, but the wrongdoer himself and his wrongdoing,” May I remind Chandra of the following:
We all know what happened to Lim Guan Eng when he courageously sent the message to Rahim Thambi Chik, Mahathir, UMNO and the Barisan Government that the then Chief Minister’s of Melaka did not do the right thing when he raped an underage Malay Schoolgirl by going to her defense! Instead of punishing the wrongdoer did not Guan Eng then became the target?
When Tun Salleh Abbas defended the autonomy of the judiciary did not the Mahathir government dismissed him? Was not Tun Salleh Abbas exposing the wrongdoing of a Barisan government gone mad? Was it not the individual who exposed the wrong doing who then became the target? Or does Chandra think Tun Salleh’s message of Judiciary independence is of no consequence to the future of our country?
Between Lim Guan Eng, Tun Salleh Abbas and the Malaysia that we now live in, our streets are littered with the corpses and wasted bodies of so many messengers who have tried to tell UMNO and the Barisan Government what wrong doing they have done! These individuals trying to expose wrong doings were humiliated, drag in and out of courts, consigned to a life of physical and mental sufferings and some even put to death.
Why do you not defend these individuals that tried to expose these wrong doings Chandra? Instead why do you choose to defend these three stooges ? Surely you have not sunk so low in your pursuit of trying to be relevant to UMNO’s and your own agenda? What is your motive in coming to the defense of these three stooges. Pray tell me.

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