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Saturday, November 21, 2009

PI Bala- The last thorn in the flesh? (BALA membawa bala'..)

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1. Within a matter of days since RPK latest revelation that hints the possibility the PI Bala may resurface, a damaging YouTube declaration “A video SD” appears. In the YouTube video, several key facts were revealed. Among others the name of Mr. Deepak, RM 5 million and Putrajaya was mentioned and most importantly PI Bala has stand by his first SD. The latest revelation also further reinforced the need for RPK to continue lives in hiding and appears in the shadows of the Malaysian politicians.

2. If my memory serves me right, within days after PI Bala makes his SD public in the presence of several prominent lawyers and politician, he reappeared looking so stressed, distraught and came out with a new SD and claims that the first one is not correct. Subsequently, he vanished suddenly and rumors has been circulating since then that he was pressured in withdrawing his SD and was paid a handsome amount of money to stay away from Malaysia. My own friends in the Military Intelligence circle at that time said that he was living in Bangkok.

3. Bala SD is crucial because it linked Najib with Althantuya. RPK in his writing about the Scorpene submarine deal linked Najib, Razak Baginda with Althantuya murder. RPK also linked Althantuya murder with Rosmah, her ADC, Lt. Kol Norhayati and his husband. At this stage, can we believe the word of this man who changed his SD twice, received RM750K from Deepak the carpet salesman?

4. Personally, I believe RPK theory on the murder is something that cannot be discounted. In fact it is quite plausible. I cannot blame PI Bala for changing his statement. I believe he did it because he has some concern on the safety of his family more than the need to accept the money that was offered to him. At the same time RPK continue with his style of releasing information on piecemeal basis and continue to put people nerves on the edge. This whole episode is detrimental to the nation and it is putting everyone on edge.

5. I read from another blog where it was mentioned that the police knew where bala was hiding. Apparently, during the early days after his disappearance, they interviewed him and wanted some answers from him on which is the true SD. Questions are being raised now on how is it that the police and the Military Intelligence people knew about his location and manage to interview him? Why didn’t the police catch him despite having an extradition treaty between Malaysia and Thailand? Could it be that these the so called authorities that is looking for him is the one that hide him? Could it be that that some police top brass was involved?

6. It seems that when someone really goes into hiding, the police can never find him. They can find the people that they themselves hide? This was further supported by the fact that police are not able to locate RPK till today, a person who chose to go into hiding because he fears unfair prosecution. The latest YouTube SD revelation shows that Bala is in contact with RPK. Is there a possibility that Bala knows where RPK is hiding?

7. With Razak Baginda issue has been settled and the two policemen (what are their names again!) sentenced, Althantuya murder case has been addressed officially. The general masses do not know how the duo looks like and speculation is rife that the infamous duo will also be let loose behind the scene.

8. It is quite obvious that Najib did not kill Althantuya. He did not order the hit either. My gut feelings tell me he knows her. He has met her. On the depth of his relationship with her, I leave it to everyone imagination. The only reason that this particular information cannot be made official because it has serious and far reaching political consequences.

9. Razak Baginda was the convenient vehicle for the submarine deal. In a country like Malaysia where something that cost RM1 is purchased at RM3 by the government, everyone can speculate with significant accuracy where the RM2 went. Certainly a friendly legal entity is involved. It is reasonably accurate. The murder of Althantuya certainly has something to do with the complex submarine deal.

10. Althantuya was managed by someone behind the apex of power. Names like Musa Safri, Lt Kol Norhayati and his husband seems to be closely associated with the people at the apex. I suspect, RPK has all the evidence but is not releasing at one go. Typical to his style, he wants to ensure that there is a continuous suspense, thrill and maybe extend it to GE13. I wait for the successful prosecution of the guilty party.

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